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There is a lot of material out there and you may want to explore it further, so here are a few pointers both for printed material as well as online stuff.

The book from Moller and Haines, Real-Time Rendering 2nd ed., is a very complete source of information.

Assarson and Moller wrote an article on this subject Optimized View Frustum Culling

Algorithms for Bounding Boxes, published in the Journal of Graphic Tools where most of the optimizations mentioned here are presented.

The document from Gribb and Hartmann, entitled Fast Extraction of Viewing Frustum Planes from the World-View-Projection Matrix has been around for some time and explores the extraction phase of the view frustum planes both for OpenGL (as detailed in this tutorial) and Direct3D.

Mark Morley had a document called Frustum Culling in OpenGL, but I can’t find it anymore.

Daniel Sýkora and Josef Jelínek have published a work entitled Efficient View Frustum Culling where besides providing information about the view frustum culling process, also provide test results on some optimizations.

Eric Lengyel, in the book Mathematics for 3D game programming and Computer Graphics has a section on plane extraction.

Dion Picco has written an article for Flipcode called Frustum Culling where some optimizations for the testing phase are discussed.

Game Programming Gems 5 has an article by Frank Puig Placeres, entitled “Improved Frustum Culling” where the “radar approach” is introduced.


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