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VSPL has a new version which allows us to profile both the CPU and the GPU. To get the GPU times VSPL uses the OpenGL Time Queries. A short tutorial for the OpenGL Time Query is available in here.

VSPL new version. Added more timer options. Users can now select between the standard C clock function, Unix gettimeofday, Windows high performance timer, with QueryPerformanceCounter or system time, using GetSystemTime.

Optimization is a must in computer graphics applications, mainly in those devoted to real-time interaction, such as visualization and games. One possibility is to optimise everything that can be optimised, but this is in most cases a waste of time. There are segments in our applications that when optimised bring an overall gain in efficiency to our application, but this is not true for all segments.

VSPL, a component of the Very Simple * Libraries, brings a profiler which you can display on top of your application using OpenGL. There are no dependencies whatsoever, and the only requirement to display the profile report on top of the application is a function to display a string. In OpenGL you can use VSFL, another component of the Very Simple * Libraries.

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