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Geometric Approach – Source Code

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The frustum file contains the source code and a VC 6.0 project. The project contains all classes that are required to run the test, and allows testing with points, spheres, and axis aligned bounding boxes. Try it and see the difference between the frames per second achieved with and without frustum culling.

Note: the fps counter is only altered once per second, so keep your fingers on a leash :-)

As usual the source code is provided as a companion for this tutorial, and it could be optimized in many ways. Also there is no guarantee that it is bug free, or that it will run everywhere.

Having said this, if you find a bug, or some way to improve this, or even if you create a port to some other operating system, please let me know.


Prev: Testing Boxes II Next: Clip Space Approach - Extracting the Planes

3 Responses to “Geometric Approach – Source Code”

  1. The frustum culling should be done after all the transformations have been performed. That’s probably why you’ve experiencing that problem

  2. Thank you for all these great tutorials!

    Could you please clarify the license terms for the accompanying code? Is it free to use/copy/modify/etc without any restrictions?


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