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Jun 192011

Some freely available books, some out of print, some still available in online stores, others in plain HTML.

Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition (2 Volumes) by Bruce Eckel – This is probably the most famous one. There is also a printed version on sale.

An Introduction to GCC, by Richard M. Stallman – A GNU C and C++ manual for those who want ot get started with the GNU compilers, gcc and g++.

Nectarine City Handbook of C Programming Style by Joseph Miklojcik – A book on writing clear code.

The C Book by Mike Banahanm Declan Brady and Mark Doran – The online version of “The C Book”, published by Addison Wesley in 1991 (no longer in print)

Introduction to C Programming by Rob Miles – A online introductory C book.

C Elements of Style by Steve Oualline – Building good programming style

C++ Annotations by Frank B. Broken – Moving from C to C++

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Apr 072011

Assimp is a Cross-Platform Open Source Library to load 3D modes. Currently, as of version 2.0, it can import an impressive list of formats and it also exports to Collada and 3DS MAX. Once loaded, all the models attributes are easily accessible through the API.

The library also performs some post processing tasks on the imported models. These range from the common triangulation and conversion to left handed systems (Direct3D is an example), to mesh performance tunning and improve vertex cache locality.

Assimp is tailored at typical game scenarios by supporting a node hierarchy, static or skinned meshes, materials, bone animations and potential texture data.

It is fairly easy to use Assimp in an OpenGL context, and a few demos are provided in the release package.

See other libs that work great with OpenGL.

Mar 252011

A C++ library which can be used to parse an expression in a string. The syntax of the expression is similar to the way we write expressions when coding in C.

The expression can be evaluated as weel, just provide the values for the variables. The performance seems very good from the numbers presented in the speed tests. The library comes with documentation and an example.

Mar 252011

C Programming Tips, by Philip Guo from Stanford University, is a collection of tips about C programming.

C, and C++ are two of the most used programming languages when building applications with OpenGL. Application maintenance can become a nightmare as apps grow larger and larger. Following these simple tips can partly avoid countless days hunting for bugs.


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