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“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”

This app will create a printout of a selected 3D model ready for us to cut and glue. Actually is not the app itself, the app only serves as a front end for a server side application. Nevertheless it is a nice idea, and it should provide hours of fun for those with kids (or those who are still kids, regardless of age :-) ).

The interface is a little old style, but it serves its purpose, and is very intuitive.

This is an impressive animation, with numerous awards. Not recommended for those with arachnophobia :-)

An impressive demonstration of the potential of WebGL.


This fabulous clock, located in Old Town Square, Prague, is now (2010) 600 years old. To celebrate the occasion a 3D projection show was performed on the clock building.

[youtubeV youtubeurl="" width="500" height="350" ]


German 3D artist, Manfred Stader, created a 3D swimming pool

[youtubeV youtubeurl="" width="500" height="350" ]


“In a disproportionate Paris is a hobo who’s looking for some food” …this is the starting point for this great short.

Anamorphosis is a very funny type of projection, that requires the viewer to use a special device or be placed in a particular position to be able to understand the image. Some artists have done some exceptional art works on pavements using this projection, check out the works by Julian Beever and Edgar Mueller. More information on anamorphosis can be found in Wikipedia where you can also find some more pointers to artist working with this projection.

The Ice Book from Davy and Kristin McGuire on Vimeo.

The Ice Book is the story of a princess who lures a boy into the forest in order to warm her heart of ice.

The performance blends animation, puppetry, and film to bring a pop-up book vividly to life in front of the audience’s eyes.

[youtubeV youtubeurl="" width="350" height="300"]


Truly Remarkable! This is worth a million words!

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