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The source code for the GLUT Tutorial has moved to GitHub.

Patrick Cozzy, one of the editors from OpenGL Insights, is searching for authors and proposals for a new book on WebGL. Based on the same spirit as OpenGL Insights, it is certainly a book that will be very useful.

teapots The Red Book samples included a short demo on OpenGL materials. The demo is quite old but is still valuable when considering the Phong lighting equation. In the original C source file several materials are defined and the resulting app produces an image such as the icon of this post.

This post contains a WebGL demo where the different materials can be applied to a model.

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fourpawnsSelecting, a particular item in a 3D scene may prove useful for some applications. The selection can be performed by clicking on an object, requiring a way to determine over which object was the mouse placed.

This short tutorial shows how to select objects with the mouse using color coding. Source code and a VS2010 project are provided.

spotlightThe lighting examples from the GLSL Core Tutorial now include point and spotlights. Source code for all light types, including directional, and shading models, is also available. A VS2010 solution is also provided.

A small update including two alternatives to read back and reset the atomic counters using glGetBufferSubData and glBufferSubData.

A new update to the GLSL Core Tutorial is now available. A new section covers subroutines, a new feature of modern OpenGL that allows dynamic shader behaviour configuration. Also a new example has been added. It covers some ways of dealing with coloring a model, and briefly introduces a debugging strategy.

The tutorial is starting to get into shape. A lot of material has been added, and the first, very basic example is now available. More to come soon :-)

Flipcode has been down for about 7 years, but it is back since August :-) This was one of the reference sites for people in CG in its glory days. Glad to see you back, and all the best for the site. I’ve added flipcode to the the permanent list of links on the right side of the site.

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