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tcBased only on texture coordinates some interesting shaders can be built. In this new section of the GLSL Core Tutorial, a few common shaders, namely the stripes and grid shaders, will be explored. Basic antialising and GLSL functions mix and smoothstep will also be discussed. Source code and a VS2010 solution are also provided.

Glow and Bloom is the latest article on this great series that presents graphic effects with source code, theory, and a WebGL demo.

The series already has 8 articles starting with the basics of lighting and exploring several effects. Many more are to be released according to the index.

Self Shadow has published a collection of links for the 2012 Siggraph’s materials. This includes courses, BOFs, talks, posters, etc… Also available is a collection of links for Siggraph 2011.

Some materials of Lighthouse3D have been translated to Turkish by Mümin Güler and are available at The contents include most of the GLUT tutorial, GLSL tutorial, and picking tutorial.

ShareCG is a site with a huge amount of modelling tutorials, 3D models for download, and textures.

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