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Shaderific is a great iOS application for OpenGL ES shader learning. The app provides the source code for the vertex and fragment shaders for 18 built-in demo shaders, and it allows the creation of new ones. Many 3D objects (including the required teapot) are available, and material and lighting can also be set. There is a free version that lets us try it out, but the changes are not kept once the app is closed.

 Patrick Cozzy, Christophe Riccio (eds)

Since I’m one of the authors of a couple of chapters in this book I’ll refrain from commenting on it. Check out the companion site, it is full of information, includes 5 sample chapters and all the companion source code.

More information about this title at or

Ray Wenderlich’ssite has posted an OpenGL ES 2.0 for iPhone Tutorial for beginners. It starts from scratch, describing how to setup a project and goes all the way till drawing a 3D rotating cube.

Patrick Cozzi and Christophe Riccio are calling for proposals for a new book, Game Programming Gems style, but dedicated to OpenGL, GL ES, and Web GL, i.e. to the GL world. The site for the CFP contains a list of possible themes for contributions. The deadline for proposals is the 15th of August.

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