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Jan 242014

teapots The Red Book samples included a short demo on OpenGL materials. The demo is quite old but is still valuable when considering the Phong lighting equation. In the original C source file several materials are defined and the resulting app produces an image such as the icon of this post.

This post contains a WebGL demo where the different materials can be applied to a model.

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.
Material :
Ambient: (0.0215 ,0.1745 ,0.0215)
Diffuse: (0.07568 ,0.61424 ,0.07568)
Specular: (0.633 ,0.727811 ,0.633)
Shininess: 76.8

In order to keep the code simpler I wrote a small lib to deal with materials and models (l3dmodels.js). The source code for the javascript bit can be found in here. It assumes a canvas named “canvas” has been declared in HTML.

The demo also uses two third party libs:

The first library contains two functions which are really useful: WebGLUtils.setupWebGL and window.requestAnimFrame. jsMatrix is a great lib that supports the most common matrix and vector operations, namely in the context of GL, such as setting the projection matrix, placing the camera, and performing geometric transformations.

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