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Oct 292012

Flipcode has been down for about 7 years, but it is back since August 🙂 This was one of the reference sites for people in CG in its glory days. Glad to see you back, and all the best for the site. I’ve added flipcode to the the permanent list of links on the right side of the site.

Oct 262012

A Lighthouse3D short tutorial on OpenGL atomic buffers is now available in here. The tutorial covers both the OpenGL and GLSL definition and usage. As the official documentation, and demos on the net are not abundant, it is difficult to be too assertive in some issues. Everything on the tutorial has been tested and it works perfectly with recent NVIDIA beta drivers. Unfortunately, a few things seem not to work with AMD catalyst 12.9 drivers. Anyway, check it out, and let me know if I missed something, or if you find any bugs.

Dec 092011

VSML has been renamed to VSMathLib. Too many libs in the pipeline to keep naming them with a single letter 🙂

The M stood for Matrix, yet as now the library also contains vector operations, I think the new name fits better with the content.

Another addition is the availability of the normal and projection-view-model matrices. These are commonly used in shaders, and it doesn’t make sense to keep computing it for every vertex.

Finally, the lib now works with the VSShaderLib to provide a more general method for uniform variable settings.

Bug reports are most welcome.