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Apr 092011

Bullet physics library version 2.78 released.



New in Bullet 2.78

  • Fracture and glueing demo that can break or glue child shapes of a btCompoundShape when certain impulse thresholds are exceeded.
    See Bullet/Demos/FractureDemo
  • Breakable constraints, based on an applied impulse threshold.
    See Bullet/Demos/ConstraintDemos
  • Improved binary .bullet file format with soft body serialization and
    See Bullet/Demos/SerializeDemo
  • Polyhedral contact clipping and optional separating axis test (SAT) as alternative to GJK/EPA and incremental contact manifold, for btPolyhedralConvexShape derived shapes such as btConvexHullShape
    See Demos/InternalEdgeDemo
  • OpenCL and DirectCompute cloth simulation improvements: GPU kernels for capsule collision detection and OpenCL-OpenGL interop
    See Demos/OpenCLClothDemo and Demos/DX11ClothDemo
  • Speculative/predictive contact constraints as a method to perform continuous collision response.


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