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Continuum3D Models, free 3D Models. – Free Models of fish, trees, plants, and flowers. Mostly in 3DS, Max and LWS formats.

The Utah Teapot was originally created by Martin Newell, back in 1975. It is based on a real teapot, and it was digitised by hand. It became extremely popular because, at the time, there were very few available models. The teapot is a complex model from a mathematical point of view, with both concave and convex local surfaces, saddle points, various degrees of curvature, and almost as important, it is a highly recognisable object. Newell actually built a full tea set, but the teapot was the most used model. Continue reading » provides tons of 3D models, mostly in 3DS MAX. A equally large collection of textures is also available. Please read the license before downloading.


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