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Randi J. Rost, Bill Licea-Kane, Dan Ginsburg, John M. Kessenic, Barthold Lichtenbelt, Hugh Malan, Mike Weiblen

This is the third edition of the orange book. It covers GLSL 1.4 and entry points from OpenGL 3.1. As usual the book is part tutorial, part reference. Very well written, clear and concise. Check out the companion site.

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New simple, yet complete, sample of code to draw two triangles using OpenGL 3.3 and GLSL 1.5. As far as I know the sample does not use any deprecated functions.

The sample covers Vertex Objects, Vertex Array Objects, Uniform and Attribute variables, shader setting, and definition of the camera and perspective matrices.

gDEBugger – OpenGL and OpenCL Debugger, Profiler and Memory Analyzer.

A must have tool. It profiles your code using OpenGL with GLSL, showing the number of function calls, your data on the graphics hardware, shaders, uniforms, vertex data, … you name it. You can establish breakpoints at OpenGL functions and run it function by function, or frame by frame. It does not require any additions to your code, and even tells you if you’re calling deprecated functions.

A new noise function for GLSL is being proposed by Ian McEwan at Ashima Art. It does not require any setup, i.e. no textures nor uniform arrays. Just add it to your shader source code and call it wherever you want. This means that it is easier to distribute the final shader so that it can be used in other application. It is based on Stefan Gustavson’s paper “Simplex noise demystified” and it runs on OpenGL 1.2 and up.

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Man Pages for GLSL are finally available :-)

Its a nice touch to include version support in each function.

The tutorial is now available in the new site. To access the other tutorials please check the Tutorials Page on the top menu.

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