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Schypozoa – WebGL.

Wow! Excellent graphics, hypnotising theme… Could look at it for hours… One of the best looking demos of 3D on the web I’ve ever seen.

OpenCL Studio is a tool that integrates OpenCL and OpenGL in a single development environment. There is a free version that is limited only in the number of items in your project tree.

The app has a few demo projects, and there are video tutorials on the site.

FastKat GL 0.2 alpha version. Another demo using WebGL.

You travel in an asteroid field and must avoid collisions. It’s just a demo, as pointed out on the site, but nicely done. Simple but effective.

Fractal Lab, Interactive WebGL Fractal Explorer, is a very cool 3D web application. It can draw several types of fractals, both 3D and 2D, and it allows you to save the images produced.

The fractals are rendered using WebGL and GLSL with real time interactivity (at least for the simpler ones). The source code for the shaders is provided.

The number of iterations is configurable but beware the too many may hang up the whole system.

Google Body Browser. An impressive demonstration of WebGL which lets you explore the human body layer by layer, from the skin , muscles, bones and organs.

The browser is acessible here.


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