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May 232011

VSFL has suffered a minor update to be able to render fixed size fonts such as Courier New. Previously all chars would have the optimal length, but this makes formatted printing difficult in some circumstances. A new parameter has been added to the loadFont method to specify if the font is to be rendered with fixed size chars, or not (the default setting). Also a new font has been added to the package, Courier New, which can take advantage of this feature.

May 162011

Very Simple Font Library – Text rendering is very useful to display information on top of a 3D world. VSFL aims at providing users with the ability to render bitmapped text in an OpenGL application using the core profile.

With immediate mode gone in core OpenGL versions, so are the vast majority of font libs that worked with OpenGL. Immediate mode was terribly slow, and code wise very extensive. Vertex Buffers are clearly the way to go. This lib uses VAOs and vertex buffers to render text.