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Billboarding Tutorial



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Where is my object?

Source Code (VC6.0)

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Billboarding Tutorial

Source Code

The source code has not been optimized in any way since it was built for educational purposes. There are several optimizations which are fairly obvious. The source code contains all types of billboards described in here.

Use the arrows to move around. The trees are billboards with the center at the bottom, the snowmen aren't. Press F1 and F2 to look up and down (usefull to see the diferences between the spherical versions). By default the demo will start in the cheating spherical version. Use F5 to switch between billboarding types. A message in the console window will let you know which type of billboard is being used. Try runnig over a tree when in true spherical billboarding mode!

One last thing, please let me know if you find any bugs (press the BUGS button at the top of the tutorial).

Source Code (VC 6.0)

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