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Led Shader Tutorial   

  Led Shader Tutorial

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Led Shader
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Led Shader Tutorial - Source and Demo

The Demo (2814K) contains both the source code as well as a precompiled executable for windows. Several textures and shaders are available in the demo. Do look at the ReadMe.txt file (included in the demo) to learn about the interaction possibilities of the demo.

The demo requires both GLUT and GLEW if you want to play with the source code. If you only want to run the demo then GLUT is enough. You surely have GLUT already, and maybe even GLEW, but if you don't just follow the links.

If you just want the shaders you can grab them here: Shaders (6k) .

I encourage you to play with the uniform variables through the demo's interface. This shader can look amazing or terrible depending on the uniform variables, texture selected, etc. You can also get a vaste variety of LED displays simply by adjusting these things as well.

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