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OpenGL Short tutorials

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Short and focused tutorials on particular features or techniques. Source code and a VS2010 project are provided.

Selection Tutorial

Selecting, a particular item in a 3D scene may prove useful for some applications. The selection can be performed by clicking on an object, requiring a way to determine over which object was the mouse placed.

This short tutorial shows how to select objects with the mouse using color coding.

Atomic Counters

This feature adds the ability to create a counter that can be accessed/incremented/decremented in a shader, and subsequently read in the OpenGL application. This can be put to use in many different situations, for instance, creating auxiliary data to allow one to easily create data structures combined with image load/store, debug, and algorithm evaluation.

Framebuffer Objects

For non-trivial graphical effects or techniques, such as shadows or deferred rendering, multiple passes are often required, where the outputs of a pass are inputs of the following pass. This is where framebuffer objects come into play.

Timer Query

OpenGL Timer Queries allows us to profile the GPU, i.e. to determine the amount of time it takes to execute a command, or sequence of commands, in the GPU.


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